Please see the  CIVICUS Course page for course syllabuses and more information.

First Semester:
  • BSCV 181 CIVICUS Student and the University (1 credit) - Gain knowledge and skills designed to utilize CIVICUS to enhance the college experience. Examine motivations for being in college, discover goals, learn study skills, and explore campus resources.
  • BSCV 191 Introduction to CIVICUS (3 credits) - Introduce the social and historical foundations of a civil society. Examine the roles of individuals, groups, social institutions, and community services.
  • ENGL101C Academic Writing* (3 credits) - An introductory course in expository writing.

*Offered in Somerset, but not required to recieve CIVICUS citation

Second Semester:
  • BSCV 182 CIVICUS and Service Learning  (1 credit) - Examine domestic and societal issues from political, economic, and policy perspectives. 
  • SOCY 105 Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems (3 credits) - Examine the contemporary and social problems including social conflict and social inequality.
Third Semester:
  • BSCV 301 Leadership in a Multicultural Society (3 credits) - Study and apply skills, historical context, theories, and concepts for constructive leadership in pluralistic, multicultural, and diverse societies.
Fourth Semester:
  • BSCV 302 CIVICUS Capstone (3 credits) - Participate in an approved internship, long term community service project, or research on a topic related to civil society. Study and apply social science skills and concepts related to understanding and engaging with contemporary social issues.
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