Academic Requirements

First Semester:

Second Semester:
  • BSCV182 CIVICUS and Service-Learning (1 credit)
    Examine domestic and societal issues from political, economic, and policy perspectives. 
    Spring 2019 Syllabus | Instructor: Julie Randolph | Co-instructor: Amy Dickinson
  • SOCY105 Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems (3 credits)
    An examination of contemporary social problems through sociological perspectives; ways in which social problems are part of the organization of society; a detailed study of selected social problems including social conflict and social inequality.
    This course does not need to be taken during a specific semester, but it must be completed by the end of a student's second year in CIVICUS.

Third Semester:
  • BSCV301 Leadership in a Multicultural Society (3 credits) (General Education: Diversity-Cultural Competence)
    A study and application of skills, historical context, theories, and concepts for constructive leadership in a pluralistic, multicultural, and diverse society. Social science methodologies and theories will provide the structure for the study of contemporary social problems, civil society issues, and leadership practices.
    Fall 2018 Syllabus 0201 | Fall 2018 Syllabus 0301 | Instructor 0201: Julie Randolph | Instructor 0301: Nicole Mehta
  • EDCP108I College and Career Advancement: Concepts and Skills; Academic Transitions to Internships+ (1 credits)
    Recommended for students who have never had an internship and are actively searching for one. Students participating in this course will engage in the full experience of searching for an internship.
    Fall 2018 Syllabus | Instructor: Korey Rothman
    +Optional section for CIVICUS students offered online, but not required to receive CIVICUS citation

Fourth Semester:
  • BSCV302 CIVICUS Capstone (3 credits) (General Education: Scholarship in Practice)
    Capstone course required for CIVICUS citation. Supervised internship, community service, or research project on civil society topic. Application and continued study of skills and concepts, grounded in the social sciences, relevant to understanding and effectively dealing with contemporary social issues.
    Spring 2019 Syllabus | Instructor: Korey Rothman
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