CIVICUS Alumni can stay involved by conducting mock interviews with current CIVICUS associates, visiting as a guest speaker, hiring a recent graduate, or supporting fundraising initiatives for the CIVICUS Program and our non-profit community partners.

We invite you to stay connected with the CIVICUS Alumni Network by visiting To reach out to the CAN Leadership Team, you can email us at civicusalum [at]

If you have any questions about fundraising support for CIVICUS, please reach out to Aaron Cahn, the Treasurer of our Board.
The current leadership team includes:

Name Role CIVICUS Grad Year
Liz Noles President 2017
Amina Brown Vice President 2006
Shivam Khanna Treasurer 2017
Aaron Cahn Student Engagement Chair 2004
Arnell Limberry Ex Officio Officer 2009


CIVICUS Alumni Network Board