CIVICUS is a two-year, academic citation, living and learning program that is housed in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. CIVICUS empowers students to become active and engaged citizens through a focus on citizenship, leadership, community service learning, community building in a diverse society, and scholarship. CIVICUS students are some of the most involved students at the University of Maryland, serving the community, acting as leaders in student groups, and participating in numerous campus organizations. 

A living and learning program houses undergraduate students who live together and attend classes and co-curricular events that support the program's mission. Living and learning programs focus on student engagement and success by bringing together individuals who share common interests to create a community. 

You were invited because your admissions essays, letters of recommendation, and activities during high school reflect your commitment to and interest in community service, advocacy, and leadership. 

The CIVICUS citation is an academic citation on a student's transcript at graduation. The citation gives students an advantage when applying for jobs and graduate schools, as it demonstrates students' commitment to service, leadership, and scholarship. We celebrate CIVICUS graduations each year with a citation ceremony and reception. To receive a CIVICUS citation, students complete 14 hours of coursework, including an internship, and multiple service projects each semester.

The CIVICUS cohort includes approximately 100 first- and second-year students.

Yes! Majors of CIVICUS students include Engineering, Computer Science, Art, Nursing, Government and Politics, Architecture, Business, Education, Biology, and more. Every college at the University of Maryland has been represented among CIVICUS students.

The CIVICUS program only requires 14 credits over your first two years at the University of Maryland. It does not affect a student's ability to graduate in four years or fewer. Many students in the program double major and complete minor programs.

To enable maximum participation, discussion, and student engagement, CIVICUS courses range from 20-25 students per class. 

The hallmark of CIVICUS is community service learning. CIVICUS provides a wide range of opportunities for service in College Park and the region: working with children and seniors, preparing food for and serving the hungry, participating in environmental conservation efforts, canvassing for political candidates, registering voters, and more. Our partial list of service partners includes examples of organizations with whom we collaborate. For many service projects, CIVICUS provides full organizational support and transportation.

CIVICUS students are among the most involved on campus, often taking leadership positions in their organizations. CIVICUS students can be found serving in the Student Government Association, writing for The Diamondback, and participating in multicultural organizations, pre-professional programs, the marching band, service and advocacy associations, the Residence Hall Association, and sports.

Living in Somerset Hall is required for all first-year students.  Second-year students do not have to live in Somerset Hall, but many choose to because of the strong community they form.

Somerset Hall is a four-story, coed, traditional style building that accommodates approximately 121 residents. All living quarters are comprised of singles, doubles, triples and quads. Most academic buildings and libraries are less than a 5-minute walk away.

Students describe Somerset Hall as more like a home than a residence hall. Most CIVICUS classes are held in Somerset Hall, and many CIVICUS students study and complete group work together there. It's easy to find someone with whom to watch a movie, visit Eppley Recreation Center, grab a meal at the dining hall, or support the Terps at athletic events. 

CIVICUS is a great way to make a large university smaller. You will surround yourself with a diverse community of individuals who, like you, are highly involved and passionate about making a positive change. CIVICUS is also a lot of fun. There are lots of co-curricular activities: barbecues, trivia nights, trips to DC, grilled cheese study breaks. You will meet great people and likely form friendships that will last a lifetime.

We recognize that not all students highlight their interest in civic engagement in their applications to the university, and we may miss them in our review. If you did not receive an invitation to CIVICUS but are interested in being considered for the program, please fill out the self-nomination form

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