Student Perspectives on CIVICUS

Leila Bouhussein's Headshot"Joining CIVICUS was truly one of the best decisions I've made in terms of my academic future. A program that makes a large school feel smaller is exactly what I needed to adapt to college, and a life away from home. The close-knit community feel, paired with interesting classes and impactful service projects have led to my growth as both a student, and as a member of a larger community."  – Leila Bouhussein, International Business major, Arabic minor

Ketki Chauhan's Headshot“CIVICUS has been a catalyst for the wonderful experience I have had at Maryland. I have met my closest friends through the program and have been able to venture into different sectors of the campus and the community, which has prepared me to be a leader in today’s society." – Ketki Chauhan, Psychology, Marketing, and Management major

Jonathan Frank's Headshot“CIVICUS has provided me with an infinite amount of resources, both personally and professionally. Because of the program, I have found lifelong friends, am very involved on campus, and know that I have a strong network of support from the office. I cannot imagine being a student at UMD without the CIVICUS program.” – Jonathan Frank, School of Public Policy
Riya Chaudhry's Headshot"As a high schooler I had the opportunity to get deeply involved with my community by volunteering with organizations from open clinics to local campaigns, culminating in me eventually co-founding a nonprofit. I felt CIVICUS would be a great way to continue that work. I think that, in some ways, UMD can feel like an incredibly large campus, and I thought CIVICUS could help make it feel a little smaller, all while helping me make a positive impact within my new community." – Riya Chaudhry, Government and Politics major
Kavya Kumaran's Headshot"To me, CIVICUS highlights the impact of what an individual or a group of like-minded people can do to make meaningful change. Coming into college, I knew that I wanted service to be part of my life. The program’s focus on service has allowed me to prioritize contributing to my community and given me the space to explore the issues I’m passionate about with peers. In addition, I’ve met some wonderful people whose mentorship and friendship have been invaluable in my personal and professional growth." Kavya Kumaran, Accounting and Finance major
Mario Menendez's Headshot“CIVICUS was a direct extension (and result of) my commitment to community engagement and service learning in high school. Nurturing my passion to give back to society, the program provided a smoother transition into college and an already established platform of organizations excited for my volunteer efforts. Despite having a major outside the Behavioral & Social Sciences College (BSOS), CIVICUS has been one of the many organizations informing and shaping my awareness and ability to implement solutions that drive positive social change.” – Mario Menendez, Information Systems and Marketing Double major
Swetha Rathnam's Headshot"When I joined CIVICUS, I saw a level of social learning that I had never experienced before. I am able to spend every single day talking about important political and social issues and apply them through projects and service. Beyond the curriculum, I am able to spend my class time with people who are educated in so many realms of life. I never leave a class without learning something new about something or someone. This was something that wasn't advertised to me but it's the part of CIVICUS I love the most. CIVICUS also forced me to put myself out there professionally early on and, because of that, I landed the internship of my dreams. I owe that to the CIVICUS curriculum and to the supportive associates and alumni. Lastly, I made my best friends because of CIVICUS: they are my world, my biggest support system, and I wouldn't be able to survive college without them." – Swetha Rathnam, Psychology major, Business and Human Development minor
Elisabeth Solomon's Headshot"My favorite thing about CIVICUS is the people. CIVICUS creates a very welcoming environment, and during my first semester it really helped with my transition to college." – Elisabeth Solomon, Community Health and Behavior major
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