Student Perspectives on CIVICUS

Riya Chaudhry's Headshot"As a high schooler I had the opportunity to get deeply involved with my community by volunteering with organizations from open clinics to local campaigns, culminating in me eventually co-founding a nonprofit. I felt CIVICUS would be a great way to continue that work. I think that, in some ways, UMD can feel like an incredibly large campus, and I thought CIVICUS could help make it feel a little smaller, all while helping me make a positive impact within my new community." – Riya Chaudhry, Government and Politics major
Tommy Jackson's Headshot"I came to UMD unsure of myself and my ability to evoke change in my community or society, but through CIVICUS and these pillars, I know my worth. Now, I know how to tailor my response to certain situations, take factors like identity into consideration of others, learn from my mistakes, and be an agent for change." Tommy Jackson, Fire Protection Engineering major
Mario Menendez's Headshot“CIVICUS represents everything that is important to me, which is giving back to the community you’re a member of and making the world a better place through service and discourse.” – Imani Mayo, Public Policy major
Dharti Patel's Headshot"I accepted my invitation to CIVICUS because it aligned with much of what I already was doing in high school, and it offered me a way to continue what I enjoy doing. Volunteering and engaging with local communities are incredibly important to me, especially because I come from a town where everyone knows one another; providing assistance to people who need it is just the way of life. Thus, being in CIVICUS is just more incentive for me to expand where I volunteer and who I engage with. CIVICUS also builds a community of diverse students similar to a family. When I came to the University of Maryland, I saw this as a way to help me ease into the new environment, instead of diving in headfirst." – Dharti Patel, Accounting major
Elisabeth Solomon's Headshot"My favorite thing about CIVICUS is the people. CIVICUS creates a very welcoming environment, and during my first semester it really helped with my transition to college." – Elisabeth Solomon, Community Health and Behavior major
Ryan's Headshot"I chose to join CIVICUS because I am a passionate servant of my community, and I was looking to extend my habits of community service into my college years. I also saw CIVICUS as an opportunity to establish a core friend base as an incoming student, and I have certainly seen that become a reality!" – Ryan Wojciechowski, Government and Politics major
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