The Parent Perspective

"My son Jonathan was invited to a CIVICUS orientation at the end of his senior year in high school  We attended, not knowing what to expect of this Living and Learning Program.  Jonathan made the decision on the spot to join, and this parent is very glad he did for many, many reasons.

CIVICUS embodies all of those characteristics we hope our children develop – citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. Thanks to the caring and supportive guidance from Director Korey Rothman and Associate Director Julie Randolph, the transition from a small high school to a large university became a much easier one. I saw my son blossom from his participation in CIVICUS into a caring, contributing, insightful, and confident member of society. He has since become a Resident Assistant, a CIVICUS Ambassador, a Justice in the Student Government Association, and a member of the Central Board of the University Student Judiciary. He and I both attribute his active involvement in campus life to the jumpstart he received as a CIVICUS Associate. He has developed ties with the Director, Associate Director, and fellow Associates that will last a lifetime. This parent is very grateful for the opportunity her son has been given. You will be, too."  – Debra Frank

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