Event Date and Time
PETCO 1507 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD

Help show off adoptable dogs with the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. You will be handling a dog during the event and interacting with potential new families. You must read these volunteer guidelines before attending the project.

Driver Needed - Comment below if you will drive. Driver must turn in participation sheet with red bag.

Reflection Leader - Comment below if you will serve as Reflection Leader, leading the group in completion of a short survey to be turned in with the red bag.

Meet in the ground floor lounge by 12:00pm. You must arrive no later than 12:45pm for a volunteer orientation.

If you must cancel your participation within 5 days of the project date, you are responsible for finding a substitute and notifying us (you may leave a comment below). If no substitute is found you will need to complete an additional service project this semester.