Event Date and Time
251 North (campus) & Family Crisis Center or Christian Life Center

Volunteers will go to 251 North, pack the leftover food, load it into a delivery vehicle, and take it to the designated site. Occasionally you will also pick up leftover food from South Campus Dining Hall before leaving campus. Once you get to the delivery site, you'll unload the food and return to campus. You should be back by 10:30 pm.  

Reflection Leader needed: comment below if you will serve as Reflection Leader, leading the group in completion of a short survey to be turned in to Amy in the GA office.

Enter the dining hall through the back loading dock entrance and find the FRN leaders. You may need to knock. FRN leaders are Natalie Moir (natalie.e.moir [at] gmail.com / 484-318-0061) and Hannah Walters (hwalters [at] terpmail.umd.edu / 302-220-6746). Do not start until the leader arrives.

Wear a hat if you do not wish to wear a provided hairnet. Long hair must be pulled back.
Long pants
Closed-toed shoes
Wash hands upon arrival
You must be healthy to volunteer for FRN (no coughs, colds, etc.).


Meet at 8:10pm in ground floor lounge. You will need to be at 251 North by 8:25pm.

If you must cancel your participation within 5 days of the project date, you are responsible for finding a substitute and notifying us (you may leave a comment below). If no substitute is found you will need to complete an additional service project this semester.