Event Date and Time
4671 Tanglewood Dr, Edmonston, MD 20781

Community Forklift is a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement supplies. The organization picks up donations of unwanted and salvaged building materials throughout the metro DC region.  Then, it makes the building materials available to the public at low cost, and provide vintage materials for restoring old homes. Community Forklift also offers public education about reuse, and distribute free supplies to local nonprofits and neighbors in need

In general, volunteers get a tour of the warehouse before beginning a task and then the floor staff goes from there in working with them to get a task complete. Opportunities range from greeting warehouse visitors to cleaning and organizing donated materials.

This project will be working with the warehouse team in the warehouse processing hardware or something similar. It often feels 10 degrees colder inside the warehouse than it does outdoors. Please wear sturdy shoes and warm layers, hats, gloves, etc!  When you arrive, please go to the sales desk to alert the staff that you are here to volunteer. 

Driver Needed - Comment below if you will drive. Driver must turn in participation sheet with red bag.

Reflection Leader - Comment below if you will serve as Reflection Leader, leading the group in completion of a short survey to be turned in with the red bag.

Meet in the ground floor lounge by 9:30am. 

If you must cancel your participation within 5 days of the project date, you are responsible for finding a substitute and notifying us (you may leave a comment below). If no substitute is found you will need to complete an additional service project this semester.