CIVICUS Citation Requirements

Revised Fall 2018

CIVICUS students must fulfill the requirements detailed below during the four semesters in the program in order to receive their CIVICUS Citation.

Each semester CIVICUS students must complete four short-term projects or one semester-long long-term project.

Short-Term Projects
Students who fulfill the service requirements through participation in at least four service activities must adhere to the following guidelines:

All service projects must be completed by the UMD Reading Day.

Throughout the semester, CIVICUS provides organizational support and, when needed, transportation for a range of projects. CIVICUS service projects are listed on the CIVICUS OrgSync site, and students must sign up for projects through that site.

Students must submit a Community Service Project Evaluation form, available on the CIVICUS OrgSync site, within seven calendar days of receiving the OrgSync email confirmation of attendance of the project.

Each semester, at least one service activity must be planned independently, without resources or transportation provided by CIVICUS. Students must complete the Outside Service Project Proposal form on OrgSync. The form must be submitted at least seven calendar days prior to the date of the project. The student must wait for approval before proceeding -- projects that are not approved in advance of participation will not count toward the service project requirements. Once the project has been approved and completed, students must complete an Involvement Entry form on OrgSync within seven calendar days of completing the activity and upload a photo as proof of participation clearly showing their service at the project site. If a student fails to turn in this form and photo within seven days, participation in the project will not count. If a student opts to complete multiple outside service projects in a single semester, the projects must be completed at different organizations.

Possible Outside of CIVICUS Short-Term Projects
Alternative Spring Break participation (e.g., programs sponsored by the University’s Leadership & Community Service-Learning, Hillel, CIVICUS, and the University’s Habitat for Humanity student organization) consisting of two or more days of service can count for two independently planned service activities during the spring semester.

CIVICUS students may count the following service activities only once in two consecutive semesters:

  • Making greeting cards or craft items (e.g., blankets, scarves, picture frames)
  • Team or individual participation in non-profit philanthropic fund-raising (e.g., Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, TerpThon); the student must register, pay the required fee, and complete the event
  • Giving blood
  • Attending a political rally, protest, or town hall

The following cannot count toward the semester service requirements:

  • Service activities between academic semesters and during the summer
  • Service requirements for any University course, including CIVICUS courses unless otherwise stated in class
  • Service activities completed for another organization
  • Service activities during opening week or CIVICUS retreats
  • Buying items or services (e.g., purchasing candy or paying for a car wash) or making monetary or other contributions (e.g., buying a raffle ticket or donating food or toiletries)
  • Work for which the student is paid or otherwise compensated

Long-Term Projects
Long-term service projects refer to a weekly commitment to a recurring project over the course of, at minimum, eight weeks. All long-term service projects must be completed by the UMD Reading Day.

Students interested in completing a long-term project must submit the Long-Term Service Project Proposal form on OrgSync. The form must be submitted at least seven calendar days before the project begins. Do not assume the project will be approved – wait for approval before proceeding. Projects that are not approved in advance will not count toward the service requirement.

Students cannot complete more than two long-term service projects during their time in CIVICUS. Students who complete two long-term service projects must complete them at different organizations.

Once a month, students participating in long-term projects must submit a Long-Term Community Service Project Evaluation Form, available on OrgSync. If a student fails to turn in documentation once a month, participation in the project will not count, and the student will need to complete four Short-Term Projects.

Absences and Lateness to Service Projects
The service organizations we work with depend on the participation of people who have committed to help. When people are late, leave early, or do not show, it harms the organization and the people it serves and imperils the reputation of CIVICUS. It is imperative that students attend the service projects for which they sign up and that they arrive on time.

If a student cancels participation within seven days of the project date, the student is responsible for finding a replacement, notifying the Graduate Assistant and Associate Director by email, and updating their status on OrgSync. If this is an unexcused absence* and no replacement is found, the student must complete an additional service project for that semester. Failure to complete the four required projects plus any additional projects by the end of the semester will result in CIVICUS probation.

Please wear CIVICUS T-shirts to service projects. We want everyone to know about the great work done by CIVICUS students and the terrific CIVICUS community in which we all take part.

Students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to service will receive a special designation on their CIVICUS Citation.

CIVICUS students are expected to attend all mandatory events. An unexcused absence* from a mandatory event may result in immediate CIVICUS probation. CIVICUS students are expected to arrive to events on time and stay until events end. Unexcused tardiness and early departures* will be treated as absences and may result in probation.

Optional and enrichment events will have an RSVP. It is important students RSVP by the deadline and attend events to which they RSVP so we can get an accurate count for food and activities. A great deal of money can be wasted on no-shows, which limits the activities and resources we can provide students.

*Excused absences include religious holidays (the student must provide notification within the first three weeks of the semester regarding any religious observance absences), a death in the family (an obituary or funeral program must be submitted), court dates (an official notice from the court must be submitted), mandatory military service, or participation in university activities at the written request of university authorities. For absences due to illness or the illness of a dependent as defined by the Board of Regents policy on family medical leave, the student must provide written documentation from the Health Center or an outside health care provider that verifies the dates of treatment and the time period during which the student was unable to meet academic responsibilities. The generic form from the health center will not be accepted. Absences stemming from work duties other than military obligation (e.g., unexpected changes in shift assignments) and traffic/transit problems do not qualify as excused absences. Because all of the above are “scheduled mandatory events,” the ‘self-signed note’ policy will not apply.

CIVICUS is an outstanding community of scholars, doers, leaders, and citizens that values diversity and the open exchange of ideas. CIVICUS should take the lead in creating an environment characterized by tolerance, ethical engagement, respect and civility. It is critical students uphold the highest standards of a civil society and behave in a manner that respects and values their classmates, instructors, guests, and the University of Maryland.

During any CIVICUS programing, including announcements, meetings, courses, speakers, etc., students may not use a cell phone, tablet, computer, smart watch, etc., unless specifically instructed. Students using these items will be asked to leave the event, and it will be treated as an unexcused absence.

It is expected all students will abide by the UMD Code of Student Conduct and the UMD Code of Academic Integrity. Violations could result in CIVICUS probation, suspension from CIVICUS, suspension from UMD, expulsion, or legal action. Fabrication of attendance, hours, or responsibilities will be treated as an academic integrity issue and result in
immediate removal from CIVICUS.

It is against UMD Policy and against the law to treat people unfairly because of their religious beliefs, age, race, sex, color, country of birth, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, personal appearance, physical or mental disability, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by law. It is expected CIVICUS students will not engage in civil rights and sexual misconduct violations, including but not limited to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Hate Bias, or Hate Speech. Violations could result in CIVICUS probation, suspension from CIVICUS, suspension from UMD, expulsion, or legal action.

In order to receive the CIVICUS Citation, students must complete the fourteen credits of courses listed below. Students cannot have a grade lower than a C- in any individual course and must have a grade point average no lower than 3.0 in all CIVICUS Citation courses. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all university courses.

First Semester

  • BSCV 181: CIVICUS Student and the University (1 credit)
  • BSCV 191: Introduction to CIVICUS (3 credits)

Second Semester

  • SOCY 105: Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems (3 credits) This course may be taken in a different semester but must be completed prior to receiving the CIVICUS Citation.
  • BSCV 182: CIVICUS and Service-Learning (1 credit)

Third Semester

  • BSCV 301: Leadership in a Multicultural Society (3 credits)
  • EDCP 108I: Academic Transitions to Internships (optional)

Fourth Semester

  • BSCV 302: CIVICUS Capstone (3 credits)

CIVICUS students who do not meet the above requirements during any semester they are enrolled in courses at UMD will be placed on CIVICUS probation the following semester. Students on probation will have until the end of their probation semester to make up the missing service activities in addition to the service requirements for that semester. Students on CIVICUS probation who do not fulfill their requirements by the end of their probation semester will be asked to leave CIVICUS and, if they live there, Somerset Hall. These students will no longer be eligible to enroll in CIVICUS courses or to receive the CIVICUS Citation. Students may only be on probation for one semester during their time in CIVICUS. Students on probation more than one semester will be asked to leave CIVICUS. Students must have completed all of their requirements by the end of their fourth semester in CIVICUS.

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