CIVICUS Citation Requirements

Revised Fall 2019

CIVICUS students must fulfill the requirements detailed below during the four semesters in the program in order to receive their CIVICUS Citation.



Each semester CIVICUS students must complete short-term projects or one semester-long, long-term project. 

Throughout the semester, CIVICUS provides organizational support and, when needed, transportation for a range of projects. CIVICUS service projects are listed on the CIVICUS Terp Link site.

Outside-of-CIVICUS Projects

  • Each semester, at least one service project must be planned independently. Projects should last at least two hours, and students must complete the Outside Service Project Proposal form on Terp Link. 

Long-term service projects refer to a weekly commitment to a recurring project over the course of, at minimum, eight weeks.

  • Students who complete more than one long-term service project over the course of their time in CIVICUS must complete them at different organizations, unless approved by CIVICUS staff.   



CIVICUS is an outstanding community of scholars, doers, leaders, and citizens that values diversity and the open exchange of ideas. CIVICUS should take the lead in creating an environment characterized by tolerance, ethical engagement, respect and civility. It is critical students uphold the highest standards of a civil society and behave in a manner that respects and values their classmates, instructors, guests, and the University of Maryland.  

It is against UMD Policy and, in many cases, against the law to treat people unfairly because of their religious beliefs, age, race, sex, color, country of birth, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, personal appearance, physical or mental disability, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by law. It is expected CIVICUS students will not engage in civil rights and sexual misconduct violations, including but not limited to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Hate Bias, or Hate Speech. Violations could result in CIVICUS probation, suspension from CIVICUS, sanctions from UMD, sanctions from the Department of Resident Life, and/ or legal action.

It is expected all students will abide by the UMD Code of Student Conduct (…) and the UMD Code of Academic Integrity (…). 



In order to receive the CIVICUS Citation, students must complete the fourteen credits of required courses. Students cannot have a grade lower than a C-  in any individual course and must have a grade point average no lower than 3.0 in all CIVICUS Citation courses. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all university courses.


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