BSCV 302: CIVICUS Capstone Internship Requirements

Revised Spring 2020

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this capstone internship is to provide CIVICUS students in their final semester with a minimum of ninety hours of supervised, hands-on experience in an area related to civic engagement through work in non-profit organizations, political engagement, community outreach, or research.  The internship gives students real world experiences that will help them develop both hard and soft skills to support their ongoing work with community engagement. The internship is part of BSCV 302, a blended course that reinforces the connection between the skills students develop in internships and strategies for civic engagement they learned in previous CIVICUS courses.  This course fulfills a General Education: Scholarship in Practice requirement.

FINDING AN INTERNSHIP:  To get started, check out the CIVICUS Internship Database at document includes information on internships, including descriptions of the experiences of previous CIVICUS students. We will continue to add internship listings to this document and the weekly CIVICUS newsletter, so check often. Students can find additional information and internship opportunities on the Career Center's Careers For Terps webpage at  Other possible search engine are,, and  To prepare to apply for internships, the UMD Career Center offers a number of resources.  Students can find more information on resumes and cover letters, including information on scheduling a one-on-one consultation with a career advisor at  A resource to practice interviews is available at


Students with unpaid internships outside of College Park are eligible to apply for a limited number of scholarships to help offset expenses incurred because of the internship. Students must have secured their internship by December 10 to be considered for a scholarship. The application can be found at

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