Capstone Internship Guidelines

CIVICUS Capstone (BSCV 302) Internship Guidelines Spring 2017


This capstone internship is to provide CIVICUS Associates in their final semester supervised, hands-on experience in an area related to civil society or the student’s prospective career field.


RESPONSIBILITIES: The internship should include pre-professional or para-professional-level work with on-site, professional supervision. Clerical tasks should not exceed twenty percent of the intern's duties. Interns should have significant assignments for which they are held accountable. Responsibilities may include:

  • Research
  • Attending professional meetings
  • Report writing
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Preparing correspondence
  • Editing documents
  • Updating websites
  • Training and development
  • Constituent, client, patient or student assistance
  • Event and program planning and implementation
  • Program evaluation

ON SITE REQUIREMENTS: Interns need to be in one of the organization’s physical locations at least 85 percent of the internship hours.

HOURS: You must work a minimum of ninety hours over the course of the semester, excluding travel and meals. Internship hours should not exceed eight hours per day.

TIME LOGS: Time logs of internship hours will be kept by the intern and the supervisor, approved by the intern supervisor, and submitted to the CIVICUS director on a set schedule.

COMPLETION: Capstone internships are to be completed by the last day of the spring semester. Do not plan on doing your BSCV 302 internship in the summer.

INELIGIBLE INTERNSHIPS: Sales-based internships, including those with Aflac, Southwestern Company, and CollegeWorks Painting, are not eligible.


A CIVICUS Capstone Internship Contract, signed by the intern and the intern supervisor, is due to the CIVICUS director by the end of schedule adjustment in spring. The purpose of this contract is to assist the student and intern supervisor. This is a document you create in consultation with your internship supervisor. It must include:

  • Start and end dates
  • Agreed upon dates for planned time off (e.g. religious observances, spring break)
  • Required daily work hours, attire, and work space
  • Both party's goals, objectives, and expectations
  • A plan to meet the goals, objectives, and expectations
  •  A regular meeting schedule for on-going feedback & evaluation.

GRADING FOR BSCV 302: BSCV 302 is a three-credit course. Two thirds of grade will come directly from your internship supervisor (at times in consultation with the CIVICUS director) based on the Intern Evaluation Form (sample attached). One third of your grade will come from the instructor of a one-credit course on internships and professional development.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Students with internships outside of College Park can apply for a limited number of scholarships to off-set the cost of travel. The application and more information will be announced later in the semester