Bill Braun head shot

Bill Braun

Senior Marketing Associate SmithBucklin Corporation

Earned CIVICUS Citation: 2010

UMS Class of 2012, Journalism


What would you share with prospective CIVICUS students and parents?

The bonds you form and the fun you have in CIVICUS make the program completely worth it. In addition, the drive for success that exists in CIVICUS is second to none.

The experience, both from an "on paper" perspective and a "being a better person" perspective, will go a long way in helping you succeed.

How did CIVICUS impact your professional path?

Having an internship during my sophomore year gave me a leg up when competing for subsequent internships - it was that extra, early bit of experience that helped make me stand out. Additionall, I discovered that a former CIVICUS associate worked at my company before I went in for my interview. She was a great resource for pre-interview advice, and I wouldn't have had that immediate connection without CIVICUS.

Student Involvement:

  • Advocacy Intern, Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach
  • Press Intern, Takoma Voice
  • Press Intern, Office of Senator Claire McCaskill
  • Student Government Association
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