David W. Nelson display imageDavid W. Nelson

Protocol Officer and Social Secretary to the Swiss Ambassador, Washington, D.C.

Earned CIVICUS citation: 2009

UMD Class of 2011, Government and Politics

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How did CIVICUS impact your personal life?

CIVICUS changed the way that I view my role as a citizen...for the better. Because of my involvement in CIVICUS, I'd like to think that I place greater emphasis on the power of diversity and, moreover, what can be accomplished through a diverse, engaged community.

How did CIVICUS help you on your professional path?

It was at 30,000 feet over the New Mexico desert where I realized how complimentary CIVICUS was to my field. I was on a flight home from interning at a protocol officers conference when I learned that both CIVICUS and the protocol field are grounded in the principles of civility and respect. Having a foundational training in these disciplines through CIVICUS prepared me for a career in protocol.

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