The Program

CIVICUS is an invitational living and learning program that empowers first- and second-year students to become active and engaged citizens through a focus on community service learning, political engagement, and leadership development. CIVICUS students seek to understand complex problems in their communities and the nation and act as leaders in the development and implementation of meaningful, sustainable solutions. Through the living environment, the course work, the service projects, and the co-curricular activities, CIVICUS students form a strong community. CIVICUS believes that immersion in service learning, communities of diversity, and academic work shapes students into lifelong leaders, learners, and doers.


Kimberly Hubscher along with Mascot Testudo"CIVICUS has made me a kinder, more compassionate, more informed person. I love that students in CIVICUS are challenged – and challenge each other – to discuss different beliefs and work together to make a difference in our community, on and off campus. CIVICUS gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty, to engage in the community in ways I never thought I could. I have been able to see the impacts of my actions, to see the difference I can make in the world. CIVICUS has taught me that it takes a village but also that I can make tremendous change myself. CIVICUS has provided me with more opportunities for learning and character-building than I would've gotten in any other program or club." – Kimberly Hubscher, Kinesiology Major



The foundational values of CIVICUS are embedded in five pillars: community service learning, leadership, community building in a diverse society, scholarship, and citizenship.

CIVICUS values developing civically responsible students who engage with communities in need and are invested in understanding issues present in those communities.  

CIVICUS values cultivating open-minded students who understand and value their position as leaders in a multicultural society and are able to leverage their skills to be at the forefront of social change.

CIVICUS values shaping communities of students who are empathic, open-minded, and embrace diversity in all of its forms.  

CIVICUS values coursework and experiential activities that operate in tandem.  The coursework is an opportunity for students to explore the root causes of social needs, multicultural issues, and strategies for addressing social concerns that they see during their service work and internships.

CIVICUS believes that the cultivation of the values above will empower students to be informed and engaged citizens who are actively invested in serving as leaders in the implementation of social change.


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